Magnetic separators

Metal separation (,4,en.html) is a truly important thing in numerous industries. It is utilized on a large scale in power industry sector, for example in chemical and power plants but also in mines. Metal separation is also crucial for recycling industry and cement plants. In addition, such machines are used in waste sorting industry. Best quality metal separation tools are key to being efficient and competitive. They help to provide top drawer services and best products.

There are a number of kinds of metal separators. Eddy current separator is designed for removing various metal substances. It helps to separate copper and zinc but also non-ferrous metal substances . Such tools can identify pieces of metal bigger than one mm. Another kind of separator is the magnetic pulley. This separation tool is intended for discarding of metals that are transported on process machines. Magnetic machines are made in order to protect process machines because small pieces of metal can lead to serious problems. Process equipment can be also protected through the magnetic filter in the shape of drum. This type of equipment helps to detect and remove metals from materials in bulk. In addition, metals can be detected and discarded with the help of magnetic grate. This kind of metal separation tool detects metals on free-fall chutes.

They are especially useful in protecting ordinary people against eating metal pieces. Metals can be also detected by the magnetic filter which is ideal for detecting materials that are transported by the pipelines using pressure. To sum up, separating metal pieces can be done in many ways. The metal separator you choose is dependent on the specificity of your work as well as your preferences. That is why you have to consider this carefully.

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